Department of Command Area Development (CAD) Kashmir was set-up in the year 1980-81. Command Area Development Programme was initiated by Govt.of India in the year 1974 with the objective to bridge the gap between the Irrigation potential created and that utilized through micro level infrastructure development and efficient farm water management, to enhance agricultural production and productivity and thus improve socio –economic conditions of the farmers. The central theme of Command Area Development Programme is therefore to achieve efficient utilization of created irrigation potential. This goal can be achieved by:-

• Improving water distribution by construction of field channels, field drains, flumes etc.
• Avoiding / minimizing inadequate and over irrigation .
• Controlled usage of surface Water.
• Improving efficiency of irrigation infrastructure like channels, drains, etc.
• Inculcating the habit of Warabandi

In order to achieve the goal, Govt. of India through Ministry of Water Resources has laid certain guidelines and have implemented the schemes of Command Area Development and Water Management (CAD&WM) activities in different States including that of J&K.

Department of Command Area Development in Kashmir Division is executing the Centrally Sponsored Programmes on 50:40:10 cost sharing basis (Centre Share : State Share :Farmer Share )